AIR BIKE BEAST - The 30 Day Air Bike Capacity Program

AIR BIKE BEAST - The 30 Day Air Bike Capacity Program

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AIRBIKE BEAST - the 30 day program

I got my first air-bike in 2013.

My coach at the time bought it for me and I used it almost every day.

The following year I qualified for my first CrossFit Games.

The following 7 years I qualified another 6 times.

The air-bike has been a staple in my programming since I first sat on one.

This program is a 30 day endurance program, using the bike.

You begin testing your 10min max calories and then retest at the end of the 30 days (5 weeks from when you start).

Although the program is written for the air-bike, you can use any cardio machine (ski, rower, bike erg or even a runner / outdoor running).

The scaling options provided allow you to tailor the volume to suit your schedule and with what equipment you have available.

The program has 3-4 weekly sessions (depending on your available time) that range from 15-35 minutes total.

Guys, this is one of my favourite programs I’ve ever written and an incredible way to improve your overall conditioning, specifically for CrossFit, shred some KGs and better learn to deal with discomfort and difficulty in workouts.



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