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30 Day Machine Madness Program

30 Day Assault Bike Program

5 Week Running Program

These three programs combined offer an incredible variety of endurance workouts, which can be done on top of your normal training.

The Machine Madness program is 4 programs in one.

  • A 30 day mixed machine program (using the bike erg, rower and ski)
  • A 30 day rowing plan
  • A 30 day bike erg plan
  • And a 30 day ski erg plan

You can mix and match sessions as you wish.

Variety is the spice of life and this program brings the HEAT!

The 30 Day Assault Bike Program is THE best-selling program to date, with many people doing it two to three times through (sickos haha).

The running program is the exact program I followed early this year to bring my running back up after two strength blocks late last year.

Take your engine to the next level and breeze through your workouts.