At Home / Travel Workouts

BW only

75 strict HSPU

Every time you split, perform 14 pistols


HSPU: Kipping, reduce reps, hand release push ups

Pistols: double rep air squats



Push up + kick sit


Reverse lunges


EMOM x20

Min 1: 16 burpees

Min 2: 20 plyo lunges

Scaling: burpee reps should be doable in under 0:55


200 air squats for time

EMOM 10 burpees

Scaling: burpee reps, should take no longer than 0:30-0:40


10 rounds

10 pistols

10 hand release push ups

10m HSW


Pistols to double rep air squats


skill scale to a 10m bear crawl

Space (if in a room) scale to 2 wall climbs or a 0:30 HS hold on the wall


10 rounds

10 pike raises

10 V snaps

10 hollow rocks

1:00 plank


200 lunges steps

Every 2min 15 push ups.

Start with push ups at 0:00


For quality

10 rounds

5 strict HSPU, with a pause on the floor and at the top of each rep

10 perfect pistols


10 rounds

1:00 wall sit

1:00 max burpees

Score is total burpees

Scaling: you can make the wall sit harder by holding a bag or anything of load.


EMOM x21

Min 1: 10 burpees + 10 air squats

Min 2: 20 kick sits + 10 hollow rocks

Min 3: 20 plyo lunges


100 side plank raises left

100 side plank raises right

200 hollow rocks


150 burpees for time

EMOM 10 pistols

Scaling: pistols do 10-20 air squats, depending on ability.


50 strict HSPU

200 air squats

100 hand release push ups

100 hollow rocks

Scaling: strict HSPU to kipping or elevated push ups.


Every 3min x 21min

20 plyo lunges

20 burpees

20 air squats


20min AMRAP

100 double unders

50 air squats

25 burpees


5 rounds

40 lateral hops

30 shoulder taps (in plank)

20 burpee plus squat jump

Pick any object to hop over, a shoe, a bag, whatever you have available

Burpee + squat jump is chest to ground, stand to full extension, drop into a squat and extend then make your feet leave the ground.



10min AMRAP

10 forward lunge + single leg RDL left

10 forward lunge + single leg RDL right

20 air squats

30 kick sits

Rest 3min between


5 rounds

1min HS hold on wall

1min wall sit

1min hollow hold

1min rest


150 push ups

EMOM 10 plyo lunges


100 Cossack squats

100 offset push ups

The offset push up means you stagger your arms loading one arm more than the other. Like a modified single arm push up.


EMOM x20

10 up downs + 10 push ups + 10 air squats

An up down is a burpee with no push up or jump


BW + running

300 air squats

Every 2min run 200m

Scaling: 200m should not take more than 1:10, aim for a 100m out and back


10 rounds, each for time

15 burpees

30 air squats

Run 200m

Rest 2min between rounds


Find a 100m long hill

10 rounds

Run up

Run down

Crawl up

Walk down


Every 2min x10 rounds

Odd rounds 20 burpees

Even rounds run 200m


6 rounds

20 pistols

30 push ups

Run 400m


2 rounds

4min AMRAP

Run 400m

AMRAP burpees

Rest 1min

4min AMRAP

10 pistols

20 push ups

30 butterfly sit ups

Rest 1min


10x400m runs

Rest 1min between

Goal here is consistency



2min wall sit

Run 800m

Rest 3min between rounds


BW + Single Dumbbell or Kettlebell

These are all designed to be doable with a 15-25kg dumbbell or 16-24kg kettlebell for men and a 5-15kg dumbbell or 4-16kg kettlebell for women



8 single arm hang clean and jerks + 8 thrusters left arm

8 single arm hang clean and jerks + 8 thrusters right arm

50 double unders

Rest 5min



5 rounds

10 single arm devils presses left arm

10 single arm devils presses right arm

40 air squats

Rest 2min between rounds


Every 3min x21

10 weighted pistols

10/10 single arm hang snatches

10 burpees


150 single arm hang clean thrusters

EMOM perform 10 burpees

Swap arms each minute


10min AMRAP

8/8 single arm thrusters

12 butterfly sit ups

6 lateral burpees over dumbbell



Single arm snatches


Alternate arms each rep, take the dumbbell or kettlebell from the floor


10 rounds

30 double unders

20 air squats

10/10 single arm hang clean and jerks


5 rounds

100 double unders

20m HSW (2x10m)

20 single arm hang split snatches (alternating arms)

Scaling: if you can’t do HSW due to skill sub for bear crawls. If you can’t do them due to space, substitute 1:00 HS hold.



Single arm OHS left arm

Single arm OHS right arm

Lateral burpees over dumbbell or kettlebell


10 rounds

10 burpees

10 reverse OH lunges left arm

10 revers OH lunges right arm

20 Russian swings



Single arm snatches Left

Single arm snatches right


Goblet squats


Scaling - swap HSPU for regular push ups or scale up to strict if you want


50 Turkish get ups

Swap arms every 5 reps

Every 3min perform 15 burpees

Start with the 15 burpees


50 goblet lunges

50 jumping lunges

50 walking lunges (no load, you can also do these stationary)

EMOM 6 single arm hang snatches, switch arms each min.


Every 2min x10 rounds

20 hollow rocks

5/5 single arm hang squat snatches

50 double unders


EMOM x21

Min 1: 5 single arm snatches + 5 shoulder to OH + 5 thrusters + 5 single arm front squats all on the left arm

Min 2: 5 single arm snatches + 5 shoulder to OH + 5 thrusters + 5 single arm front squats all on the right arm

Min 3: 15 burpees

Single arm complexes should be doable unbroken, scale load if needed


100 single arm hang cleans (glorified curls)

100 single arm push presses

100 reverse lunges