What Is Sweat Therapy



What is ‘Sweat Therapy’? (written by founder Khan Porter)

My training has almost always been as much about keeping myself sane and managing my mental health and wellbeing, as it is improving performance.

Over the years I’ve developed a particular proclivity towards certain styles of workouts when I’m in the mood to get in the gym to help clear my head, either by challenging myself, or moving mindfully.

It is the balance of challenge and control , simplicity and creativity and clear intra-workout goal setting that is at the core of Sweat Therapy sessions.

Sweat Therapy is years of training, competing and programming, combined with my studies in psychology, motivation, behaviour, attention and focus, mental health and mindfulness.

It’s a unique training philosophy, with self-discovery, happiness and growth in all walks of  life at its core.

Our online programs are designed to be simple, varied, challenging, engaging and most of all enjoyable as a means to their own ends.

They include:

Sweat Therapy

  • A daily workout, written specifically to be a training option for when you just want to go in the gym, move around for 20-50 minutes, clear your head, destress improve your mood and SWEAT.
  • Thorough explanations on how to approach each workout, combining mindful movement practices with performance pointers, intended stimulus etc.

The EMOM Club

  • An EMOM style version of the daily workout for those of you who love that style of training (like we do!). Often the daily sweat therapy workout IS an EMOM or similar style interval WOD anyway.

Sweat Therapy Performance

  • A complete strength and conditioning program, designed by 6x CrossFit Games competitor Khan Porter. This program is written for those who wish to compete in CrossFit or Similar but adheres to the same core values as the Sweat Therapy program, prioritising fun, challenge and engagement in your training day.

Mind Play

Mindset and mental health coaching and education, which includes:

  • Video lectures, webinars and educational articles on all things mindset, personal development and mental health.
  • Mindfulness practices to use both in your day to day life and during your training.
  • Mindful movement exercises and challenges.

All members also get access to our private Facebook group where they can interact with our coaches and the rest of the ST community and access our video library of movements, technique videos and in-depth scaling guides for all the higher skill movements.

We also offer an extremely limited number of private / individual coaching places, to enquire about these email khanporter@gmail.com