Sweat Therapy Sample Week

ST 20.6 


Every 2min x 12 sets (6 sets of each)

Round 1: 15/12cal assault bike + 5 power cleans + 5 thrusters

Round 2: 15/12cal assault bike + 10 pull ups + 10 push ups

Focus: smooth barbell cycling and gymnastics under fatigue. Fast transitions from bike to the first movement

Scaling: The bike should be doable in under a minute, so scale cal as needed. Choose a load on the barbell that is heavy enough it’s challenging, but that you can perform the cleans a 4, drop, then pick up the bar for the fifth clean and go straight into the 5 thrusters. The pull ups should be doable as an unbroken set, same with the push ups, so scale those reps as needed

Mindful Movement: Focus on catching the cleans balanced and driving from the mid foot on the thrusters. Have a set point on each barbell movement to breathe and stick to it. For the pull ups, try to keep the rhythm of your kip consistent, accentuate the pull into the bar. Breathe on the bike.



EMOM x21

Min 1: 15/12cal assault bike

Min 2: 5 power cleans + 5 thrusters

Min 3: 10 pull ups + 10 push ups


At Home Option

Every 2min x 12 sets (6 sets of each)

Round 1: 12 burpees + 10 single arm cleans (5/5) + 10 single arm thrusters (5/5)

Round 2: 30 air squats + 15 SDLHP



Every 5min x 6 sets (30min total)

Bike 1000m

5 burpee climb overs 48/40”

4 sand bag over shoulders

1-3 rope climbs

Focus: Consistent round times. Rope climbs under fatigue.

Scaling: Bike should take 2min approx. If you don’t have a bike perform 500m on the rower or ski. Burpee climbs approximately 0:30-0:40, sand bag should be doable at a consistent pace and the rope climb reps should be doable with no more than 5 seconds between each climb. Cap each round at 4min

Mindful Movement: Keep bike consistent, and choose a movement pattern for the burpee climb overs from how you step up to the box, your jump and what you do ontop and keep that consistent. Sandbags take one deep breath between reps and try to keep the rope climbs the same number of bites.



EMOM x30

Min 1: 500m bike erg

Min 2: 3 burpee climb overs + 2 sand bag cleans + 1 rope climb

Min 3: rest


At Home Option

Every 5min x 6 sets (30min total)

Run 400-600m

6/6 single arm clean and jerks

6 single arm devils presses




EMOM x40

Min 1: 15/12cal ski erg

Min 2: 10 HSPU + 10 swings

Min 3: 20/15cal row

Min 4: 20 wall balls

Min 5: 30-50 double unders (cap at 0:30)

Focus: Four minutes of almost 1:00 work + 1 minute of 0:30 “easy” work to “recover”

Scaling: Scale reps and calories in the rounds to be doable in under 0:55 seconds. Scale HSPU to push ups or strict presses if needed. Wall balls should be an unbroken set.

Mindful Movement: Lots of moving parts and this is a long workout. Try to find a rhythm for breathing on each of the ergs an stick to that.


At Home Option

EMOM x40

Min 1: 15 burpees

Min 2: 10 HSPU + 10 swings

Min 3: 15 up down + tuck jumps

Min 4: 20 dumbbell / kettlebell reverse lunges

Min 5: 30-50 double unders (cap at 0:30)




30min easy swim


At Home Option

30min easy run



15 rounds

10/7cal assault bike

4 bar MU

3 power clean and jerks

2 power snatches

1 cluster

Focus: moving a heavy barbell and performing high skill movements for large volume at a comfortable pace, under fatigue. Great opportunity to practice quality movement.

Scaling: The barbell should be heavy enough that you have to pause between reps, but not so heavy that it takes more than 1:00-1:30 per round (that’s just the barbell, not the full round). Bar MU should be a comfortable set, even towards the later part of the workout. The bike is designed to be active recovery, so treat it as such.

Mindful Movement: Sit tall on the bike and breathe. Try to keep the barbell movements smooth and controlled. Focus on driving hard on the thruster.



EMOM x20

Min 1: 10/7cal assault bike + 4 bar MU

Min 2: 3 power clean and jerks + 2 power snatches + 1 cluster


At Home Option

15 rounds

200m run

6 burpees

5/5 single arm, hang squat clean thrusters 



5 rounds

2min AMRAP

10 T2B + 10 pistols + max burpee box overs in the remaining time

1min rest

2min AMRAP

6/6 single arm KB hang squat snatch + 12 double KB deadlifts + max burpee box jump overs in remaining time

1min rest 

Focus: mixed modal intervals. Keep pacing consistent.

Scaling: T2B should be unbroken, Pistols should be doable in a smooth, unbroken manner, scale movements and reps as needed. Single Arm HSS, all 12 reps should be completed before the bell is set down. Use a lighter load for the SAHSS than the deadlifts. KB can be replaced with DBs if needed.

Mindful movement: resist the urge to try and bust out lots of BBJO in the early rounds, decide on a cadence for that movement and hold it across all intervals.