Khanditioning - The 8 week program

Khanditioning - The 8 week program

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Build your engine, test your mental fortitude and push your limits mentally and physically.

This 8 week conditioning program is based off my own endurance training and is designed to improve your capacity across multiple time domains (including max effort, power output).

Imagine finishing a metcon smiling instead of wheezing on the floor, having the engine to be able to breeze past your workout buddies and power through local competitions.

Whilst strength and skill work is important, unless you have the engine to display that strength and skill under fatigue, you’re in for a rough time!

We will test 3 capacity workouts prior to beginning the program and then again at the end and you’ll be amazed at the results across the board.

The program includes 4 weekly sessions, with extensive scaling options for whatever equipment you have access to, including no equipment, running / bodyweight only options. You can reduce the weekly volume as needed and will still see results doing 2-3 sessions per week.


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